Moroccan Black Soap

The Black soap “Savon Noir” is originally from Morocco, North Africa. Universally known for its natural composition. It is made from a blend of oil and crushed black olives. It is one of the products used in the oriental cosmetics tradition and is very often applied in hammams “steambath” to prepare the skin for exfoliation, it’s also used to clean up houses & baby clothes due to its 100% natural composition. Moroccan black soap is definitely an organic product. Not only, but the black soap is also used in crafts for example in shining the brassware, take off the plaster from the mold or in our case to hook and marry wool fibers efficiently and sustainably.

The texture of the black soap makes the reunion between wool fibers a shred of evidence, we will always say that what’s from nature belong to nature. Our 3 ingredients to make these Warm Hats collection and Bags collection are Water, Wool from the Atlas Mountains, Organic Olives Soap “black soap” and undeniably and exceptionally the Master Artisan, He will be always at the heart of our creations and brand.

“What is From Nature Will Always Belong to Nature”

Water the white or colored wool with water, a small amount of H20 is enough, then add the black soap foam and work the fabric and ingredients together in order to marry the wool fibers between them and create handcrafted felt items, at the same time same for humans and planet.