The “Fuchsias” Warm Hat

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Warm Hats collection that takes your breath away. It’s the very chic warm hat that gives you a touch of sophistication & class. This is made using natural white wool, the process of fabrication is fully handmade & very ethic.

Colors on the Hat :

  • White Wool
  • Pink Fuchsia
  • Blueviolet
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The “Fuchsias” Warm Hat is inspired by the colors of Nature. Flowers & Planets inspires us to create a unique combination of colors which reminds us of the beauty of Nature.

Fuchsia plants with their beautiful hanging flowers are classics within summer gardens. However, Our Fuchsias Hats are perfect for all seasons. Wool is a perfect natural fabric that protects from cold and insulates heat.

The 3 colors used can instantly bring a touch of love, peace and positive energy to your daytime or nighttime.

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