• Laptop Sleeve - Bag

    Give a soul to your machine

    The Laptop sleeves we made are fully handmade pieces of art, colors are well mixed to give a soul to your machine (Laptop). It instantly add a touch of chic & sophistication to your style, either its classy by choosing our black & white reference also called “So British”, or it’s causal by choosing our colorful references “Africa Co “. We propose many styles, colors but also sizes, to make it fit different laptops brands and screens. Here’s our Sleeves size guide :

  • How to Carry Felt

    How to Carry On Felt?

    Felt is a dense fabric, non-woven and without any warp or weft. However, must fabrics are woven and constructed on a loom and have an interlocking warp and weft fibers that create a flat piece of fabric. Our felt is…

  • What's Felt ?

    What’s Felt ‚Äč?

    Wool is an eco-friendly fabric for humanity. Wool is very useful, protective and a warm fabric that was woven into cloth here in the Bronze Age which began about 1900 BC. However, primitive man had domesticated the sheep in 10…

  • Chic Felt

    The Future Vintage

    We Design and Create our collections to last in time. Designs, materials, and fabrics are chosen wisely to fit actual fashion trends, making it so unique, trendy and matching different styles. Later, over time our products will keep their value,…

  • Chic Felt

    We Only Do Handmade

    JYANN brings the spirit of the Chic Handmade to you, our Designs can be as simple as you want or as sophisticated as you dream about. We work with Moroccan best Artisans who are considered as real Artists, they bring…