Sustainable Fashion

We believe in Fashion that stays for too long. Our planet, future generation & all the ecosystem need us to be conscience then responsible when it comes to what we wear. Our perspective is ethical & simple “The Futur Vintage” is how our products can be worn by you, your kids as the next generation despite any trend or any period of time.

Handmade accessories & clothes are the outputs of a long process, a process that puts the “human” in the center of interests, where artisans deliver their best to people they might not meet or know but with who they share energies via a specific item well handcrafted by an artisan then well dressed or handled by a woman or man living too far away. Craftsmanship connects people and here’re the reasons we believe in that make our brand sustainable :

  • Natural fabrics basically wool, water and black Moroccan soap (from the recycled waste of olives).
  • We build fare & carrying partnerships with our artisans based on a win-win. Artisans are at the heart of our brand.
  • We promote endangered crafts, very few artisans still do the “felt craft” over Morocco and across the world.
  • Our designs aren’t inspired from a short period trend, we create our own models based on simplicity and chic spirit to make our items fashionable in present but also very vintage in the future.
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