Chic Felt

The Future Vintage

We Design and Create our collections to last in time. Designs, materials, and fabrics are chosen wisely to fit actual fashion trends, making it so unique, trendy and matching different styles. Later, over time our products will keep their value, quality, and beauty. We are inspired by the notion of ‘vintage’ because we believe that the handmade must last in time, as long as the craftsmen have attributed their souls and energies to every single piece.

Our approach is ethic. In a world where mass production takes place, we believe in the way of living that can keep our planet safe by wearing clothes that last in time and can be transmitted to next generations as Vintage pieces, made by a human to another human using hands & mind and sharing the love for art & experiences.

“What hands make using natural fabrics and following a manual process is an incredible wealth, which is supposed to last forever”

Our team is very small, few Artisans still work on felt in Morocco. Each Artisan is specified in a kind of items, his hands only create a hat, a bag or a babouche (oriental shoe)…

To bring the wool together and transform it to felt, which is one piece collected by hand without any machine, it really takes time and effort. While watching Artisan working on each item, you can directly feel what he feels about it, they get attached to every creation and they take care of it, the separation is not nothing to them. Craftsmen need money to live in better life conditions, but they still do what they do not only for money, they enjoy every sensation when making their piece. Unfortunately, the new generation is not convinced, because income is low, that’s why we want to boost this segment to create better incomes and encourage young people to follow the training program in the disappearing craftsmanship such as felt .

JYANN is a brand with values. We promote the Handicraft chic accessories & clothes made by the Moroccan best Artisans.

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