Timeless Products “Forever Vintage”

Our team is very small, few Artisans still work on felt in Morocco. Each Artisan is specified in a kind of item, his techniques, and his know-how only focus on one type of products, it can be a hat, a bag or a shoe.

To bring the wool together and transform it into a felt item, which is one piece collected by hand without any machine, it really takes time and effort. While watching Artisan working on each item, you can directly feel what he feels about it, They get attached to every creation and they take care of it, the separation isn’t meaningless to them. The majority of craftsmen we work with are in need and do have some life difficulties due to the lack of equity in that sector, but they still do what they do not only for money, they enjoy every sensation when making every single piece. Unfortunately, the new generation is not convinced, because income is low, that’s why we want to boost this segment to create better incomes and encourage young people to follow the training program in the disappearing and endangered crafts such as felt.

Our approach is simple but real, we want to deliver to our niche segment a high quality handcrafted product that matches every style. The brand works with a limited but strong circle of friends, from artisans to the women who represent our brand, those amazing women are actually close friends to JYANN the designer & creator of the concept.Wool is the oldest fabric humanity has known, experiences over generations show that clothes made using wool only can last for a long time due to its resistance to daily use, washing & climate. Felt is naturally made using wool and olives oil soap, it has all the necessary characteristics to stay as long as you want it to be. We have a strong belief in what hands make to others since Artisans put energies in every item they produce and since they feel sensations and emotions at that time when they create every single masterpiece. Our products are a result of energies and values, it’s as simple as that.