Chic Felt

We Only Do Handmade

JYANN brings the spirit of the Chic Handmade to you, our Designs can be as simple as you want or as sophisticated as you dream about. We work with Moroccan best Artisans who are considered as real Artists, they bring a soul & unique touch to each item well handcrafted for you to make it like we still live in that time, when machines didn’t exist yet.

We invite you to live an experience instead of buying a product.

JYANN creations are a result of modern conceptions, authentic materials and old way of doing, we believe in what hands can offer for each woman and man, the handmade will never be exceeded by any fashion trend or season. What is made using fingers, feelings and eyes focus will last for long time and will always be unique and precious.

Khalid is JYANN’s friend & work partner, a young man who dedicates his life to the “Left craft”, that he does with a lot of passion, rigor and love. As we promised, we will always share real stories and the handicraft know-how with you.

Khalid is the very Artist-Artisan who gives Magic to wool

JYANN is a brand with values. We promote the Handicraft chic accessories & clothes made by the Moroccan best Artisans.

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